Monday, 23 November 2015

New Era in Child Protection

A New Era in Child Protection:

Do you recall the Tragedy of little “Amber Peat” - (Pick-ford)

This is the last straw, an Epic in the Endemic of Social Service's “failures”, resulting in a Child's Death.
We intend to bring about a New Era & Meaning to the words Child Protection. Through a planed strategy:

We intend to see to it that a Child's Voice “IS” Herd.....!!!!  And Acted On:

A sweet little girl has lost her life:

A little girl Cried Out, but no one herd: A little girl Begged, but no one showed compassion: A little girl Cried, but no one cuddled her: A little girl asked for Daddy, but everyone said NO: No one herd.. No one saw..

A little girl in servitude:

A little girl in servitude, ridiculed, bullied & abused. No rest, for the dread of a new day. For: another plea unheard, for tears without comfort, for sadness without pity. For: another day without Daddies Cuddles.


And yet: Not one of those who have failed, bullied or abused this little girl, have showed any remorse, offered any apology, or accepted any responsibility.

A Child Says:

Even a young school boy: A friend of this little girl aired his disgust, at the lack of care & compassion society had shown to his little friend.

Hear what we say:

What more can one say: To awaken a spark of care & compassion from society, enough at least for them to stand up and say, No More:


It is not possible to find a word to adequate to describe peoples disgust.
This little girl “Amber” expressed everything in four little words,
“I want my daddy”
*Yet: all the training, all the degrees, all the qualifications, snobbery & superiority.
Could not manifest its self, in the one criterion needed to understand

We appreciate that getting whole-warm-hearted public support is near impossible. But would ask YOU to support us by - +1 us. Share us. Tweet us. Like us. Mail us. Promote us. Thank YOU.

Please conssider signing our petition as a first step:

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