Monday, 2 November 2015

Donations Help Spread The Word

We are a non profit company:
All donations go to promote Kikibatiinit Ltd and to legal costs.

We are entirely volunteers and do not recover admin expenses. We promote this site on a daily basis. However paid promotion is more effective, would YOU donate one pound to help promote us.

Child abuse is any action by another person – adult or child – that causes significant harm to a child. It can be physical, sexual or emotional, but can just as often be about a lack of love, care and attention. We know that neglect, whatever form it takes, can be just as damaging to a child as physical abuse.
An abused child will often experience more than one type of abuse, as well as other difficulties in their lives. It often happens over a period of time, rather than being a one-off event. And it can increasingly happen online.
It is estimated that over half a million children are abused in the UK each year.

£7 will assist us in reaching another 85000 people:
Our aim is to reach sixty million people...!


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