Tuesday, 24 November 2015

KikiBatiinit ltd

Is an organization that supports the voice & rights of  the child in the UK.

Tentacle approach: Confidential.
We do not conform to the norm.
Etiquat does not save lives.
kikibatiinit ltd, will confront abuse, using any and all taktics and legal chanels available to us.

We Believe That LOVE Can Move Mountains: 

Free advice to Child Helpers & Supporters.

Cases on going at any time:

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Scroll Down & Search

These three Children are Dead, because of the failures of our peoples protection services; Such as: 

Police: Social Services & Immigration Security. 

They are just three out of hundreds that Die each year as a result of the failures of our peoples protection services. 

This does not include Adults: 

Our population is so DE-sensitized, that only around 0.5% know about or care abut this epidemic. 

Out of a UK population of over Sixty Four Million & despite 
these cases receiving National Press Coverage: I doubt that even Twenty Thousand know or care about these children. 

If you doubt what you are reading: In the last general election out of our entire population of sixty four million, Twenty Thousand actually participated & voted. FACT! Check it out..!

Amber Peat: age 13

Alice Gross: age 14

Daniel Pelka: age 4

Getting public support is near impossible: 
Just +1 us. Share us. Like us. Tweet us. At least once a week. Thats all we ask. Show you care, it all registers. 


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